Lawn Care Newnan Georgia

We all want our homes to be surrounded by beautiful lawns. You can either choose to do it yourself or get professional lawn care services from reputable companies like Newnan Home Services. We give your lawn the care it deserves throughout the year regardless of the changing seasons.


We offer grass cutting services to homeowners at an affordable rate. Our contractors know the recommended mowing height that goes with every season.


We have nontoxic chemical compounds that can be applied to your lawn to eliminate all the weeds. If they are not widely spread out lawn service, man can physically uproot them with a small special knife to make sure that only the weeds are uprooted.


The best time to add fertilizer to your lawn is during spring. Unlike other lawn care companies, we know the specific requirements different types of lawns need to grow healthy grass with rich green color.

Newnan’s Lawn Mowing Service

We are proud to offer top notch lawn mowing services across town and its environs. We are available any time of the day; we will come to your premise and start working as soon as you give us the go ahead. We will give you value for your money based on our appealing services. Our clientele is just about everyone from busy executives, to family homes, and corporate companies, we guarantee to return your calls within 30 minutes, and we will send a contractor who will give special advice on the best approach to your lawn to give you the highest possible standard of service.

We do not offer a one fit all approach to every lawn, Newnan Home Services understand the need to customize our approach that fits a particular customer’s dream and taste. Our mowing technicians are skilled and know all about grass and will give you a perfect cut every time they visit you.

Lawn Maintenance Services in Newnan

Lawn Mowing ServicesEvery lawn has specific needs that must be met to remain beautiful. That is why Lawn maintenance specialists will help you create a tailored approach to give that lawn what it needs to maintain its appeal. Our lawn maintenance service is designed to keep your home beautiful without so much struggle. You can schedule with us regular lawn maintenance services to keep your lawn green, healthy, vibrant, and free of weeds. Contact our team of lawn experts today to schedule an appointment; you will receive free advice on what you need to maintain your lawn to last through the seasons. Call us on {Telephone #}.

Newman Home Services has a goal of transforming every lawn into a picture perfect look that goes beyond the normal watering routine. We maintain your lawn by removing weed, debris, edging the lawn beds, and applying fertilizers. This kind of work can only be achieved through experience and passion for impressing.

Lawn Doctors in Newnan, Georgia

Lawn DoctorsWe know lawns and the common environmental conditions that may affect them. That is why our lawn doctors have designed specially customized approach to every lawn situation they are called to address. Our local contractors will treat your lawn with specific fertilizer requirements it deserves because different kinds of grass need its own kind of care. We also prevent pests and insects from damaging the beauty of your lawn. Insects such as mosquitoes may pose a threat not only to the plants but to you and your family as well. That is is why we have put in place an elaborate approach to control and protect your lawn against such pests and insects.

All our lawn doctors work and live in locally; this gives them first-hand information on what affects the lawns within the community. This personal touch will make it easier for our doctors to come up with an effective solution.

Relax and enjoy; we do the best because our customer reviews and loyalty cannot point you in the wrong direction. You only need to contact us and get a great looking lawn for your home.

Newman Home Services Lawn doctors are quite patient with you; they will take their time to offer a customized approach to give you the lawn of your imaginations.

Lawn Care Services Near Me

The kind of care we give your lawn can only be done by Newman Home Services. We have a reputation of giving the best lawn care service which is far much better than other lawn care service company near you. If you are still thinking of what to do with your yard, walk into or offices and tell us that you need to get rid of weeds, mosquitoes, and ticks and before long you will see a team ready to spruce up your lawn at an affordable rate.

We are also a proud and friendly grass cutting company. We are proud of our unique quality service that earns us many customer referrals. We have a solid reputation as the best lawn maintenance company in your location. All our staff and equipment are fully insured.

Grass Cutting Service

Our service goes beyond the grass cutting and offers full garden maintenance package which in inclusive of hedge trimming, weeding, gutter cleaning, and soft landscaping. Our contractors are not only friendly they are trustworthy and can be identified by our official badges and uniforms.

We also offer weekly grass mowing services giving you the opportunity to return home to a well-maintained lawn. Our weekly or scheduled mowing services has been appreciated by our clients for many years. It is your time to relax and see what Newman Home Services grass cutting service is all about.

Landscaping Companies

As a landscaping company, we offer full range landscaping services to both commercial and residential customers in Newnan, Georgia. Our landscaping contractors are well trained in landscaping services and are also specialized in irrigation and drainage. They are capable of designing and installing a new landscape complete with lighting equipment. We also provide proper drainage solution to protect the entire environment. Whether you want a whole new landscape installation or to renovate your existing one, we have the right equipment and approach to give you what you need. You are free to contract our landscaping contractors who will help you draft a maintenance program that is specifically designed to give your landscape an everlasting new look throughout the year.
Based on client reviews on our website we are more than convinced that we are ever prepared to meet any challenge as landscaping contractors.

Commercial Lawn Care

Newman Home Services is proud to offer its clients top quality commercial landscape services to make sure that your business exterior appearance match and reflect the professional image quality of your organization. Trust us to do this on the first attempt. We also provide lawn maintenance services such as lighting and lawn customization to fit in with your overall objective. We have a team of dedicated specialists that will not let you down because we take care of your project as it if it was our own.

With a combination of team experience and value-driven approach, you can rely on us to keep your business habitat have the best look in town. If you are willing to learn more about commercial landscape service and maintenance, call us {Telephone #} for a free consultation and book an appointment date, and we will guarantee you a budget friendly project cost.