Upholstery Cleaning & Furniture Restoration in Newnan Georgia

Upholstery ServicesAs a homeowner, you know the importance of keeping your upholstery and furniture clean. We cannot protect our furniture and upholstery from dust and dirt especially if we have children and pets at home. Upholstery is made from fabric that needs regular and proper cleaning services to maintain texture and color. When your upholstery become dirty, it does not automatically mean that you replace it with a new one. Newnan Home Cleaning Services work for both residential and commercial upholstery cleaning services. Let our contractor be worried about the type of stain or fabric that you have.

We are the most trusted upholstery cleaner in the Newnan area. We use high-quality stain removal products that are eco-friendly and gentle on your fabric. Our experts will help revive your old furniture at home, restaurant, office, etc. You must trust Newnan Home Services to make the best impression of your old furniture turning them from old to gold.

Why We Are The Best

We have been in the business of upholstery cleaning and furniture restoration for some years. Our professionals handle fiber, suede, leather and almost any material you may have at home. Each type of seat is given a specific treatment that does not cause any damages to your upholstery. Our furniture cleaning and sealant services ensure that we leave your furniture smelling nice and looks new. With our furniture restoration services, you will save a lot of money that you would have used to replace instead of cleaning your upholstery.

Newnan Home Services is truly Georgia’s highly rated upholstery and furniture restoration company. Get in touch and get to know how we make it possible bringing old furniture to life. Cleaning is our passion, and we will let you choose how and when we can do the cleaning.

We customize furniture restoration and upholstery cleaning depending on how far you want to go regarding cleaning. We will help you identify the areas that need immediate attention.

If you call us now, we will send our contractors to your place and discuss your cleaning needs and agree on a budget that will not dent your wallet.

Newnan Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Service

Your furniture and upholstery get dirty every single minute of the day due to general use. Regular and dedicated cleaning schedule from Newnan Home Services will not only give you clean furniture and upholstery but a comfortable office working environment. Upholstery CleaningThis is done professionally to extend the lifespan of both your furniture and carpets. All we do is leave a lasting impression and provide a pleasant environment for a productive workforce.

We deal with stains, chewing gums and spills that are stuck on your upholstery. Newnan Home Services only work with qualified and experienced cleaning and furniture restoration experts. Our professionalism brings back the life of old furniture and extends their lifecycle.

How Do You Benefit From Our Services

For the best results, get an affordable regular contract with us and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased staff morale and client satisfaction
  • Help reduce allergy causing agents by use of eco-friendly and anti- bacterial cleaning agents.
  • Cleaning protects your furniture from dust and mite infest infestation
  • Our customized cleaning procedures increases the lifespan of your upholstery and furniture
  • You will enjoy a clean and a healthy environment at home and the office.

Residential Furniture Cleaning and Restoration Services in Newnan, Ga

Kids and pets are the culprits when it comes to making upholstery and furniture dirty. Depending on the material used on your furniture you cannot avoid germs, pollens, staining, food crumbs, and food spills. The relationship between carpets and upholstery cannot be overlooked because the carpet is the number one source of dirt that gets attached to your furniture.

Newnan Home Services offers the best and refreshing upholstery cleaning with the sole aim of extending their life while at the same time creating a safe envFurniture Restoration ironment for your pets and kids. We always send a team that is dependable and can be trusted to invigorate your living space. Once our work is done, we will use our hot air blower to dry the upholstery in so that we use minimal time at your premise. We use strong detergents on stains but gentle on you and your pets.

Our cleaning compounds have been certified to be eco-friendly and do not leave a sticky feel after the cleaning. Our drying process is faster to make sure no lingering chemicals are left at home when we leave. Our certified cleaning contractors use specialized cleaning tools that extract stubborn stains that are trapped inside the materials.

Sanitization of Upholstery

Sometimes we may not control or limit upholstery staining. But if you use our upholstery cleaner, it will protect your furniture and create a barrier that keeps stain away giving your furniture a great look throughout the year. We will restore the original fabric color that slows down the fading process. And the god thing is that our products work with a wide range upholstery materials. For those who suffer allergic from reactions, our sanitization process kills all bacteria and reduces any form of allergens.

Newnan Professional Upholstery Cleaners At Your Call

Newnan Home Services cleans all types of upholstery and furniture including sofas, dining chairs, loveseats, and sectionals. We use carbonation process to remove dirt from your fabric and a combination of hot water to remove remaining dirt particles.

Our contractors offer a more comprehensive and efficient cleaning systems that are aimed at keeping your environment clean and healthy. Whether it’s a new furniture or you just want to restore your old furniture, call Newnan Home Services for regular upholstery cleaning services. You can schedule regular services to any of our branch offices, and you will find exceptional customer agents at your service. You can also call us for a direct quote and agreement.

Newnan Upholstery Cleaning Process

We will remove all clutter and junk that you may not need to make movement easy during the cleaning process. Things like toys, shoes and other useful things are placed in one area and re-arranged once the cleaning is done.

Our contractors will then move furniture away from the walls. This enables us to access all sides of the entire furniture to make sure that the cleaning is thorough. This also prevents discoloration of the walls by the cleaning agents.

We will identify the areas that need more attention and isolate furniture that require restoration.  Our contractors know the importance stain removal. We identify hidden stains and mark stubborn stains for proper cleaning and removal.

We always ask our clients to prepare their aggressive pets for strangers who will come to clean up your upholstery. We always recommend putting them in a safe enclosure so that they do not interfere with our contractors during the cleaning process. It is also safe for them to be away because some animals get agitated when they are exposed to some chemical compounds.

To get the best of your upholstery and furniture, call Newnan Home Services and we will give you cleaning options that are specific to your home and will give a lasting impression for many years to come.