Water Damage Restoration in Newnan, Ga

Water Damage Restoration ServicesAction taken to deal with damage caused by flooding or overflowing water should be immediate. If the damage is affecting a huge area you should enlist the services of a Water Restoration Company who have professionals with the right skills on how to respond to disasters caused by Water Damage.



A credible Water Damage Restoration Company must have the following qualities:

  • Have a 24-hour presence or availability for emergency services
  • Must have a good rapport with the local authorities within the locality
  • Employs qualified and experienced team for damage restoration
  • Must be able to attend to any scale of damage as a result of flooding
  • The most common causes of damage caused by water are flooding after a firefighting incident, Storms and hurricanes, overflowing sewer lines, leakages from appliances, and flooding after a storm.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Newnan


Water Damage repair companies offer many services that are aimed at getting you back on your feet as soon as possible and to prevent further damage by setting up actions that control the flow of water. Some of this services are not limited to the following:
Water Mitigation Services involve repair of plumbing leaks, broken sinks, sewage backup, all this should be done with minimal interruptions so as to be prepared for the next storm.

Newnan Home Services help in protecting your furniture by moving them to a safe place or place aluminum foil beneath them to protect them from moisture.

We use Water Extraction equipment to drain stagnant water, suck water from carpets and upholstery and steam-dry them to make sure you are seated by the time we are finished. Our experts will also use this equipment to suck out water clogged in drainage pipes Water Damage Repair
After our Restoration Crew has finished with moving your furniture, they will remain behind and start a cleaning up process that includes restoration of the broken drainage, electric lines, and other installations so that by the time we leave everything will be back to its original state.

After everything has been dried up by our technicians, we will ensure that a proper sanitation and disinfection procedure is carried out. De-humidification is also done for the entire room to make sure that everything is dried up.

In the event that there are any repairs to be done after Water Damage Cleanup, Our team will be on standby to check on your flooring, or decorations that may have been damaged by water and advise on reconstruction procedures.

Cleaning up a Flooded Basement


Water in the Basement increases the chances of having so many damaged items that were stored down there. After the water has dried out the growth of mold will be next in line. Basement Flooding can be resolved by pumping out water once power has been restored.

We solve your Basement Flooding by:

  • Adding gutter extensions to guide water heading towards your house towards the drainage pipes.
  • We can help you reshape the surrounding landscape and redirect water away from your basement
  • Footing drains may also need repair due to damages from flash floods or rust that may have accumulated over time.
  • The easiest and the most convenient way to a Basement Cleanup is to engage water Restoration Companies Near You who may be well equipped to handle big floods.

When water has been pumped out and, our team will embark on our Basement Flood Cleanup Procedure that involves removing of debris, sealing of cracks, and waterproofing the Basement walls.

Fire Damage Restoration


Damages caused by fire can set you back. That is why Newnan Home Services gives the effort to reduce the loss of life and property. Our fire restoration plan begins the moment we get a call from you reporting a fire incident. Another aspect our experts look to clean up is the smoke stains on walls and windows. We offer quick remedy such as pet relocation, wiping or repainting of walls, and liaise with the insurance firm to facilitate the payment process which may be a difficult thing to handle in a crisis.

We have in-house evaluators who will help you estimate the value of lost property and keep an inventory of things that need repair or replacement as per insurance requirements.

Our crisis team is always available to offer counseling services to those who are distraught by the fire incident.

Disaster Restoration


Disaster Restoration service companies will always make sure that impending disaster which may come in the form of fire, smoke, wind, flooding, or dangerous storms do not inflict so much damage and if they do, they can help you recover in the shortest time possible.

We send the best team who will plan out the best effective restoration strategy to fully restore your home to its original state.
Our rescue team is well trained in handling the most dangerous rescue operations in almost any situation. Having our team on the ground is an assurance that we can handle issues relating to Water Damage, Basement Flooding, Mold Formation, Smoke and Fire incidents.

Mold Remediation Services in Newnan


Mold Remediation SevicesMold that builds up after flooding can be a cause of many illnesses. Our company is dedicated to identifying and preventing the spread of mold by removing affected material from the site.
Our Mold Removal team will assess the areas that are affected and focus on the source to eliminate chances of mold spreading.

Mold Removal requires special equipment and well-trained personnel who can handle the toxic chemicals used in sanitizing the area. You can trust us not to leave your home without proper sanitation.

After isolating items that were mold infested we ensure that they are completely dried up by blowing hot hair to remove any moisture.
Mold Remediation involves the repair of damaged walls and floor through sealing and repainting. This will help in containing the main source of mold in your home.

In case your home has been damaged by water, fire, or you have an infestation of molds, our professionals with vast experience in disaster management and restoration will respond on time and give you a peace of mind by bringing your home to its original form.