Flooring Installation Services in Newnan

Newnan Home Services is the leading floor installation service provider for both commercial and residential clients. We offer total flooring solutions that include installation and repair of hardwood, laminate, ceramic and vinyl floors. Our floor package covers all areas of the house whether it is the bathroom, kitchen, basement, or even the laundry room. An advantage we have over other floor installers is the high-level equipment that we use to get the job done right and in the shortest time. Whatever the size of your floor space we have special rates that are not only competitive but realistic in the wake of the economic meltdown.

Our most recent clients have been schools, care facilities, museums, restaurant, slaughterhouse, and hospitals. Come experience our friendly customer service who take pride in giving you 100% service satisfaction.

Wood Floor Installation in Newnan

If you need to replace your weather beaten or pests damaged the wooden floor, get in touch with our home improvement flooring technicians who have a reputation in installing wood floors. We can handle any repair needed in a short span of time and restore the beauty of your room.

We use the most reliable technological advancements by using a dust free sanding technique that guarantees the most desirable finish of any wooden flooring. The availability of different wooden species makes it easier for us to install custom design wood floors that fulfill your dreams. The use of manually operated machines gives us the edge in flexibility in design and layout of the final outcome adding to the personal touch given by the craftsmen during installation.

Newnan Hardwood Floor Installation Services

At Newnan Home Services we have always believed in offering better services. We are proud to introduce to you our newest product line Hardwood Floor Installation. Get your hardwood floor installed by us and enjoy the highest quality hardwood floor installation that is designed, sculptured, and with a fine colored finish that is designed to last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you want to install hardwood floor on a commercial or residential space.Hardwood Flooring Installation

Installing engineered hardwood flooring in your home adds warmth and value to your flooring space. We offer a variety of finishes, measurements, and species of engineered hardwood that gives you a range of options to pick from. We ensure that we source from reputable suppliers original hardwood and plywood needed to have the best hardwood. Our wood flooring experts will make the wood moisture resistant by adding veneer at the top.

Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed on any surface and gives the floor more strength because most of its layers are glued together in a cross-grain fashion.

You will get to enjoy the following benefits by installing engineered hardwood flooring

  • Easy to install
  • A lot of varieties available to pick from
  • Can be used with any floor at home
  • Resistant to moisture

Hardwood Floor Installations Near Me

To get hardwood floor installed at an affordable rate, do not even think of comparing us with anyone else, arrange for a professional custom estimate with no hidden fees and still get the best value in the market. We are the most reliable flooring contractors who are licensed, insured and bonded; we also comply with all industry regulations. Our experience in the industry and this location has earned us some credible accreditations from home owner as well industry stakeholders. Other services within our domain include moving furniture, sanding, refinishing, and wooden staircases.

Laminate Flooring Installation in Newnan

Laminate Floor InstallationInstalling laminate flooring offers a broad choice where you can choose from the many varieties to add beauty to your home. Our installation prowess is backed by decades of experience and quality brand in the market. With laminate installation, you will have an all round water tight and high-density fiberboard made up of several layers. You will find the perfect solution for your interior anytime you use our laminate wood flooring installation.


Laminate flooring has the following benefits

  • Easy maintenance
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Water and splash-proof resistant
  • Has a pleasant sound when stepped on
  • Does not fade even when you move your furniture around.

Newnan Carpet Installation Services

We will give your floor or office space more life by using any of our carpets. We have employed experts who are widely experienced in carpet floor installations, binCarpet Installationdings, and installing custom rugs on a very space that need to be covered including staircases, holdings, and rods. We also do wall to wall carpeting. At Newnan Home Services installing a carpet that will work for starts by picking colors or textures that will compliment your furniture and fittings. Our installations are made to please the eye and give your room that lasting impression your visitors will always be talking about. Call { Telephone #} and schedule an appointment with one of our customer friendly carpet installation team and get you started.

Other Types of Floor Installations

When it comes to flooring, we will give you a full service that will cater for all your commercial and home needs. We give you a lifetime warranty on all flooring installations.

Vinyl Floor Installation

They come in a variety of color and finishes to choose from; this gives you the flexibility to get the home floor design that you have always wanted. The good thing about our vinyl floor installation selection has the homogeneous property which means that there can be no visible scratches or dents in the case of an accident.

Linoleum Installation

Our linoleum selection offers the finest floor finishing you will want to see in your home. We offer competitive pricing that goes hand in hand with top notch customer relations. This is a perfect flooring solution for the kitchen and bath area because of its waterproof and flame resistant properties. Linoleum is made from renewable natural resources making it durable even in extreme weather conditions.

Tile Installation

Tiles also offer a versatile, durable and a stylish floor. Our company offers hundreds of colors, shapes, and sizes too from wood textures, porcelain, and ceramic to give you home that timeless look of natural stone. We pride ourselves to have a perfect result for every look that you desire. We have square and rectangular shaped tiles that can be fit well by our tile installation experts to cover the smallest to the biggest space.