Bathroom Remodeling in Newnan Ga.

As Bathroom remodeling company, we know that homes with poor bathroom facility may send you to a house-hunting spree. Your bathroom is important to you and your household. At Newnan Home Services we believe in the best design when it comes to Bathroom Makeovers that will add life to the room where you start and end your day. We plan everything for you to finish remodeling your bathroom within a short span of time.
Bathroom RemodellingWe handle bathroom renovations within Newnan, Georgia, most of our clients are from the residential areas. Our team will ensure you get an all-inclusive service which will include partial or full bathroom makeovers depending on your need. Our designers will give you bathroom remodeling options to choose from. The products we use for bathroom makeovers comply with quality and industrial standards which will guarantee a lasting impression for many years to come.
Before we embark on any task, we will present to you a catalog of our remodeled bathrooms so that you can see what to expect for your bathroom. Bathroom makeovers need highly competent staff who have experience in the bathroom renovation industry
For a neat and durable bathroom remodeling experience, our company has no equal. We let you sit and relax during the entire renovation process as we handle the difficult part of the job.

Newnan Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

If you are thinking of getting a bathroom contractor to help you remodel or build you a new bathroom, Newnan Home Services has the best team of bathroom contractors who will manage all the aspects of your home and make sure it is done on schedule and giving you the fulfillment you were looking for.
We work with a team of bathroom remodeling contractors who are experienced in bathroom renovations and can handle any level of complexity that remodeling may entail. We created a team of experienced and knowledgeable builders who are dedicated to every aspect of their wok. We make sure that you are involved in the entire bathroom remodeling project to implement exactly what you wanted and how you wanted it done.
Our contractors will work on the design by helping you create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. We will leave nothing to chance, your faucets, outlets, shower heads, ventilation, walls, and floors are all part of our business.

Master Bathroom Remodel in Newnan, Georgia

We know the special attachment you have with your master bathroom, this being your most private space in the entire house you may want to have the best style that shows nothing but elegance, Newnan Home Services can help you transform your master bathroom into a luxurious retreat within your home. We do not sub-contract but use a certified and experienced team of contractors who will give you the longest warranty from the quality of work done at a very affordable fee.
Master Bathroom RemodelingWe will start you off with a free estimate after a site visit, after that we show you various models that our team will see fit to your situation. The large number of clients that we serve every week is a testament to the kind of service we offer to our clients.

The following options are available for your master bathroom remodeling wor

  • Counter top designer options like the granite finish
  • Flooring using your favorite floor type, be it vinyl, laminate, etc.
  • Cabinets style to match your taste and style
  • Tubs and showers
  • Different innovative toilet designs and accessories

Our aim is not to give you the aesthetic value only but the security and safety aspects of the design matter to us.

Small Bathroom Remodel in Newnan, Georgia

Newnan Home Services technicians will work to craft your bathroom in whatever design you have. Whether we are looking into big or small bathrooms what we need is a bathroom to remodel. Because of the space involved small bathroom makeovers need special kind of contractor who knows how to manage space utility to create a marvel out of it.

Newnan Home Services Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

The Ancient Look

Our contractors can remodel your small bathroom by installing a wall with a wooden accent whereby your wall is painted to give it a wooden outlook.


This should be the easiest and the most economical especially if the bathroom space is not big enough, we use paints that give the illusion of a grand place.

Framing the Mirror

You do not to spend more to get another mirror, Newnan Home Services has got ready made framing designs that will give the mirror the new look


Try upgrading your bathroom by adding more stuff to it like a towel, shower curtain, wall art or waterproof graffiti. We can help you add life by adding new lighting to your bathroom.

Shower Remodel

Are you looking for a dream indoor or outdoor shower? Contact our sales team who will take you through many ideas that you may want to have in your home. We can offer you a simple shower remodel or renovation at a price that you can afford and with the quickest results possible. We make it simple by implementing the following design ideas.

Shower Remodel Ideas

Shower Remodeling IdeasAdequate light and vents is a must in any shower space. This can also be enhanced using the neutral limestone pallets

You can introduce a fan is a good idea if you do not want to install a humidity sensing unit that automatically controls the moisture in the bathroom.

We will offer durable acrylic shower liners over your existing unit at an affordable fee

Use of stone mosaic tiles gives the illusion of a large shower space

Smaller details like shower heads, faucets, intricate drawer designs to line up your particular taste

Bathroom Remodelers Near Me

We have served the Newnan area building a reputation with innovative designs and great customizations to match the style that you need. We have a range of accessories that you may need installed in your bathroom if you don’t need a full bathroom remodeling package. All our materials are safe to use within the home environment and can stand many years of tear and wear. We use gout free materials to avoid the buildup of dirt or mold. All shower model design and colors are available for all our customer to help them realize their dream bathroom

Call us now and get in touch with our friendly team who will help you understand the need of remodeling your bathroom.

Kitchen and Bath Remodel

It will take the hands of a professional team to be able to work out a kitchen and bath remodeling. We have on our Kitchen and Bath Remodel team a designer, a contractor, project handlers, and general contractors who work together to make sure everything works well and better than they found it.

With many years’ experience in design customization, you are free to rely on us for your next Kitchen and Bath Renovation. We handle and coordinate every single detail of your bath and kitchen remodel openly and with the aim of leaving you fully satisfied with our service.