General Home Services in Newnan Georgia

Computer Repair Services

Newnan Home Services offer the best computer services. Whatever the brand, we can repair it. A broken Screen, Computer virus, Apple Repair, Data Recovery, warranty repairs etc.

We have the best computer repair techs who will fix your PC, Desktop, MacBook, and Laptops. We will speed up computer boot times on a slow computer, our office installation services include email account setup and other peripherals. Call us up and within minutes we will be restoring your computer back to its optimum performance.

We provide a host of other solutions such as consultation, software procurement, and Network Installation and administration, and other Managed IT Services.

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Mortgage Services

Save money on your home purchase or mortgage refinance with Newnan Home Services. We’ve been offering home loans, mortgages, electronic lending, and loans to homeowners in Newnan, Georgia.

As a new home owner or if you are interested in refinancing the existing loan, we are dedicated to creating a package that will fit in within your budget and financial strength.

We have come up with products that reflect the market of the day, unlike our competitors who offer standard charges for every product. We run an extensive community outreach program about our mortgage services and that is why we never lack the option to serve you better.


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Home Security Services

Newnan Home Services installs security systems aimed at keeping your home safe and secure. We protect against burglary monitoring, to fire and smoke monitoring, to natural disasters such as floods, and even medical alert monitoring.

Whether you’re at home, across the street or across the country, you can use the Internet, Tablets, cell phones and other web-enabled devices to control your security system, receive information remotely and much more.

Video Surveillance allows you to keep a close eye on your home and family from any remote location with Internet access. Newnan Home Services has simplified the way you interact with your home on a day-to-day basis, helping you and your family stay connected by intelligently utilizing everything today’s technology has to offer.

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Home Insurance

Newnan Home Services offers Insurance Services that give comprehensive cover for homeowners for the people of Newnan, Georgia.

On Health insurance we coordinate with different insurance companies and look for coverage types and help you determine the best fit for your current situation.

Cover your commercial interests by ensuring that your business is not at the risk of a loss when disaster strikes.

Our professional agents are well trained and have many years of experience working with individuals, families and businesses to provide reliable insurance services to the residents of Newnan, Georgia.

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Pest Control Services

Newnan Home Services employ pest control measures that keep pests out and your home protected. Our guaranteed pest control makes sure your home is always protected.

We use the same dedication when it comes to eradicating pests whether at home or an industrial complex. Our team is dedicated to its work and are always ready and fully equipped to give you the most comprehensive pest extermination procedures.

Residential homes need specialized services because of the types of pests that invade your privacy. That is why we have special pest control procedures for each individual vermin. We use chemicals the kill the pests and destroys their nests and habitat.

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